Thanks in advance for your answer. I am trying to tune my db skills.

I have 3 tables:

Brand, Model and Item.

All models belongs to a brand, but an item can have a brand but not a model.

I have 2 questions:

  1. From a programming point of view I just add brandId as foreign key and ModelId just as a field to Item table.But from database design perspective, I guess this is the wrong approach. How I should manage it?

  2. In the case that an Item always have a model and brand. I usually only add modelId and from it I can get brandId, but I have been seeing a growing wave where both fields would be added to item table, again, what is the correct approach?

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Your question hits a 'gray area'; there is not an overwhelmingly 'right' way to design the schema.

When the question is asked about city + state + country, I say: Have one Locations table that contains all 3 columns. And use country_code CHAR(2) CHARACTER SET ascii.

I also say "normalize, but don't over-normalize".

There are 'religious wars' fought over your question. There are valid points on either side. Flip a coin, implement it, then learn from the decision.

Better yet, implement both ways - writing the CREATE TABLEs, the INSERTs, the SELECTs, etc.

Still better is to implement both, but have a "database abstraction layer" in your code that hides the choice from your application code. Coming up with a single abstraction for your app that works with either backend will be the best lesson here.


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