In my example syntax below I want the field delayed to be the difference in days between gotitdate and dunitdate I know that this syntax will get me the result, and I was going to set this up as an OnInsert() and a AfterUpdate() trigger however my two fields are not required! I can not alter table structure to make them be required.

Question at hand, how can I use this update syntax to account for a null date, to update to 0 if either field is null or update to the DateDiff() if both fields are not null? And as always, if there is a better approach for this methodology I am open to suggestions:

Create Table #Moofasa
  gotitdate date
  ,dunitdate date
  ,delayed int

Insert Into #Moofasa (gotitdate, dunitdate) Values

Update #Moofasa 
Set delayed = DateDiff(d, gotitdate, dunitdate)
WHERE delayed is null

Select * from #Moofasa

--Drop Table #Moofasa

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A computed column would solve the issue and probably be better than having triggers:

  gotitdate DATE,
  dunitdate DATE,
  delayed AS COALESCE( DATEDIFF(day, gotitdate, dunitdate), 0)
) ;

Tested at: rextester.com:

  (gotitdate, dunitdate) 
  ('2016-07-01', '2016-07-05'),
  ('2016-07-01', '2016-07-04'),
  ('2016-07-04', '2016-07-08'),
  (NULL,         '2016-07-09'),
  ('2016-07-09', NULL),
  (NULL,         NULL)  ;

FROM #Moofasa ;


gotitdate   dunitdate   delayed
01.07.2016  05.07.2016  4 
01.07.2016  04.07.2016  3 
04.07.2016  08.07.2016  4 
NULL        09.07.2016  0
01.07.2016  NULL        0
NULL        NULL        0

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