I need a Query to fetch records between two specific months and years also, Presently I am fetching only current year records like this

SELECT material_status, COUNT(*) c
FROM purchase_order
WHERE YEAR(date_created) = YEAR(CURDATE()) AND material_status='Closed';

But I want the records between Current year "April Month" to Upcoming year April Month" means 2016-April to 2017-April .

WHERE date_created >= CONCAT(YEAR(NOW()), '-04-01')
  AND date_created  < CONCAT(YEAR(NOW()), '-04-01') + INTERVAL 1 YEAR

This will work 'correctly' regardless of whether date_created is DATE, DATETIME, or even something with microseconds.

But it does not include any part of April for next year? Is that 'correct'?

Actually it does not make sense -- If "date_created" is always some time in the past, why reach into the future?

For April of last year through March of this year:

WHERE date_created >= CONCAT(YEAR(NOW()), '-04-01') - INTERVAL 1 YEAR
  AND date_created  < CONCAT(YEAR(NOW()), '-04-01')
  • Hey @Rick James the above query is working fine but i want to fetch record in between 2015-april to 2016 april means interval 2 years then how ? – Ranjan Sep 1 '16 at 5:16
  • I added an example -- is that what you are looking for? – Rick James Sep 2 '16 at 20:53
  • Yes but for previous year like 2015-April to 2016-April. – Ranjan Sep 3 '16 at 3:24
  • Yes I got it So many thanks , Again great job :) – Ranjan Sep 3 '16 at 11:00

Try this :

    SELECT material_status, COUNT(*) c
    FROM purchase_order
    WHERE date_created 
         between str_to_date(CONCAT(YEAR(CURDATE()),'-04-01'),'%Y-%m-%d')
            AND DATE_ADD(str_to_date(concat(YEAR(CURDATE()),'-04-01'),'%Y-%m-%d'),INTERVAL 1 YEAR)
     AND material_status='Closed'
     GROUP BY 1;

But: BETWEEN is inclusive. If date_created is really a DATE, then this includes 4/1/2017, but not the rest of 4/2017. Use last_day() function on to date, i.e.

last_day( str_to_date(CONCAT(YEAR(CURDATE()),'-04-01'),'%Y-%m-%d'))

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