I have a query that returns 4 lines per ID. I would like to be able to merge these into one single row in a new table, based on the ID and Date.

Can anyone help? I've researched and seem can't find any examples.

simplified version of how the data looks at the moment:

view image

  • Are there any other fields or flags to identify if the time was an "in" or "out". What happens if they log in/out a third time? Is this a timekeeping system? – Sir Swears-a-lot Aug 7 '16 at 6:28
  • Hi! there's no more fields to identify if it's in or out. This is a log type database usually 4 entries a day per user id. – Ken Dominguez Aug 7 '16 at 6:44

try this :

select t.user_id,t.time_log,substring_index(t.tstring,'#',1) am_in,substring_index(substring_index(t.tstring,'#',2),'#',-1) am_out,
substring_index(substring_index(t.tstring,'#',-2),'#',1) pm_in,substring_index(t.tstring,'#',-1) pm_out 
  (select h.user_id,h.time_log,group_concat(h.stime order by h.stime separator '#') tstring
  from user_hardware h
  group by h.user_id,h.time_log
  ) t;

But ensure that same stime will not occur twice for same user_id and time_log i.e. user_id,time_log,stime should be unique key.

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