we have been trying restore Percona (Partial + Incremental) mysql backup, but failing. The process followed is as below:

For Backup

# Step I: Take Partial-Full Backup

    innobackupex --user=root --password=**** --databases="db1" /path/to/basebackupdir --no-timestamp 

# Step II: Take Partial-Incremental Backup

    innobackupex --incremental /path/to/incbackupdir --databases="db1" --incremental-basedir=/path/to/basebackupdir/ --user=root --password=**** --no-timestamp

For Restoration

Step I: apply log to full backup

 innobackupex --apply-log --redo-only fullbackup

Step II: apply-log incremental backup

innobackupex --apply-log fullbackup --incremental-dir=/tmp/tmp_inc

Step III: Export Backup

innobackupex --apply-log --export fullbackup

Step IV: CREATE Required database in MySQL

mysql -uroot -p**** -e "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS db1"
mysql -uroot -p**** -e "CREATE DATABASE db1"

Step V: Import DATABASE Structure

mysql -uroot -p**** db1 < db1.sql

Step VI: Discard tablespace

Step VII: Import table

    cd /tmp/fullbackup/db1
    cp -R *.ibd /var/lib/mysql/db1
    cp -R *.cfg /var/lib/mysql/db1

Step VIII: Import tablespace

Step IX: restart mysql

    service mysql restart

Restoration process works fine, Still we are failing, that One of the tables could not create the structure for FULLTEXT index(it gets corrupted), when we try to create table manually error is table already exists.

Please Help

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Why do you import the tablespaces? Strickly speaking you could use the data from step II, move it in the datadir, adjust the permissions and start MySQL. The procedure you using would make sense only if you want to restore db1 out of many other databases. What is the error message? Anything specific regarding the table that is failing?

  • Hi, thanks for reply, I am trying to restore only db1 out of many other databases. Also the error i am facing is regarding indexes, a full text type index is failing the table creation. Aug 16, 2016 at 9:00

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