I have a need to increase wal_keep_segments on our master server. Can I do that on the fly or does it require a restart?

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For checking the variable's context, you can execute the following query:

SELECT name, context FROM pg_settings WHERE name = '<variable name';

In the case of wal_keep_segments, the context is sighup which means that only requires a server reload. You can use pg_ctl reload from the shell prompt or select pg_reload_conf() from psql or database client.

In the latest version, there are 7 types of context. internal context means that only can be modified at compilation time, postmaster means that a service restart is needed, the others are more session/backend specific.


Based on the docs here and here modifying this parameter does not require a server restart. Otherwise it would be noted as This parameter can only be set at server start

pg_ctl reload will send a SIGHUP to the running processes and reload the setting. This should be run for any server that has the setting modified.

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