there is a way in mysql / mariadb triggers to know if a value is present (set) in the update query?

For example:

    create table MyTest (
    col1 varchar(45),
    col2 varchar(45)

insert into MyTest values ( 'val1','val2');

So when I execute

update MyTest set col1 = 'val1.1'

in the trigger I would like to know that col2 is not set.

Thank You

UPDATE (I changed also table schema for better explain my problem)

I have setup a trigger like this

    IF (NEW.col2 <=> OLD.col2) THEN
        SET NEW.col2 = 'triggered';
    END IF;

If I call

UPDATE MyTest set col1 = 'val1.3'

table will be (this is ok)

|col1  | col2    |

but if i call

UPDATE MyTest SET col1='val1.4',col2='val2.4'

first time table is ok

|col1  | col2    |
|val1.4|val2.4   |

but a second update like this

UPDATE MyTest SET col1='val1.5',col2='2.4'

table will be:

|col1  | col2    |

instead i would like it should be

|col1  | col2    |
|val1.5|val2.4   |

There is some way i can check this?



The Boolean expression

NEW.col2 <=> OLD.col2

can be used in an IF statement (or elsewhere). Notes:

  • It tests for whether col2 is changing, it does not test whether you specified col2 without changing it.
  • NULL is properly handled because of the <=> operator.

UPDATE (based on further details) See if this comes closer:

IF ( NEW.col1 <=> OLD.col1  -- testing only col1 for changes
 AND NEW.col2 IS NULL)      -- avoiding clobbering col2
    NEW.col2 = 'triggered';

(You haven't yet specified enough use cases to provide a complete solution, but maybe I have given you enough building blocks?)

  • I have updated my question with example because this isn't working the way I need. – CeccoMe Aug 18 '16 at 7:55
  • If col2 is declared NULL, what do you want? – Rick James Aug 18 '16 at 14:48
  • (Updated my answer) – Rick James Aug 18 '16 at 14:52
  • Sorry, I already tested vs NULL, but this doesn't work... NEW.col2 is never set to 'triggered' I think that if a column isn't set, in the trigger NEW.col is set equal to OLD.col – CeccoMe Aug 19 '16 at 8:03

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