I'm trying to find a way of comparing two tables in two databases (master and slave), as I have applied some slightly different settings to one, and need to see what affect it has (if any) on the data etc.

Ordinarily I would use MySQL Utilities dbcompare which has worked well in the past, but this doesn't seem to have the option for a single table, and mysqldiff is too limited.

So I downloaded percona-toolkit to my Debian Server (the slave) and am looking at pt-table-checksum. But the Page on the Percona website is very little help, instead filled with all manner of options, but seemingly no examples.

I set up a test schema, with one table, and diffent data.

So far I have got as far as:

pt-table-checksum h=,P=3306,u=xxxx,p=xxxx, -h1.2.3.5 --databases=test --tables=t1 --no-check-binlog-format

(apparently there is some problem with Row Based Replication [?] hence --no-check-binlog-format)

But this returned:

# A software update is available:
#   * The current version for Percona::Toolkit is 2.2.14.

08-17T09:54:32      0      1        4       1       0   0.291 test.t1

Not exactly what I had in mind. Am I missing something, or have I completely misunderstood what pt-table-checksum does?

I'm not sure why I didn't get the latest version either. I ran sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get install percona-toolkit. (as you may have gathered, I'm not really a Linux person)

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  • What did you expect the tool to return? A list of the differences? – John aka hot2use Oct 5 '18 at 6:14

If you have a Windows workstation and have odbc driver to MySQL, then you might try my utility - there is a free edition. Maybe it will help you. https://selectcompare.com

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