I use SSMS 2012 v11.0.5058.0.

MSDN says "System table, view, or table-valued function" should have green color. I'm used to have green color in variables and a few other token types too. But my SSMS keeps them black as raw values.

I followed Change Font Color, Size, and Style and tried to set default, but it didn't solve. I also tried to set them manually but didn't find them to select.

Any idea what may be the issue?

This happens in both cases of opening an .sql file or having SSMS create a select query for a table. Even when there are [] around the column name. It remains even after restarting Windows.


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Colors are controlled via the options dialog box, which you linked to in your question.

Check the following, to see what it shows in the "Sample" box:

enter image description here


Unfortunately I was unable to fix color. I just installed standalone SSMS 2016 and it's working.


Navigate to Tools - Options - Environment - Fonts and Colors, and select the Teal, Green or imitate the custom Aquamarine color for the "Identifier" items.


Are you sure that you have intellisense enabled? You can see general information about it under Tools -> Options. I'd check here for more info.

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    unfortunately this is not related to Intellisense. Intellisense shows objects, etc, in response to keystrokes. The question is about the colors of text in the query window.
    – Hannah Vernon
    Aug 26, 2016 at 17:49

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