How do I export the structure of a mysql database I have, keeping the structure for all the tables but only exporting the data for some of the tables? After exporting how do I import it into another mysql database on a different machine.

I can have the list of table names if it helps and I would prefer it if the solution will use command line but GUI is also acceptable (on windows).


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1. To dump only table structures

a. dump

mysqldump -d -u root -p"password" --all-databases > /tmp/dumpfile.sql

b. restore

mysql -u root -p "password" "dbname" < /tmp/dumpfile.sql

2. To dump only data not structure

a. dump

mysqldump -uroot -p"password" --no-create-info "Db" "TableName"> /tmp/dumpfile.sql

b. restore

mysql -u root -p password "dbname" < /tmp/dumpfile.sql

3. To dump inserts only for specific Columns


mysqldump -t -uroot -p"pawword" "Db" "TableName" --where =”Columnname in (1,2)” > /tmp/dumpfile.sql

b. Restore

mysql -u root -p password "dbname" < /tmp/dumpfile
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    3. should be "for specific rows" or "for specific column values" but unfortunately there is no way to exclude entire columns (for example exclude BLOB columns which would be very useful).
    – Yann39
    Jan 9, 2020 at 14:22

Familiarize yourself with mysqldump command options, you will need to execute two sets of mysqldump backups, one for table structure only without data (--no-data) and another one that includes data for selected tables only.

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