Is there a way that I can get the sum of a column in my query result set by just clicking on the column (something like in Excel) so that I don't have to copy and paste the column into Excel to the see the total sum of all the values in the column?

I'm running SQL Server 2008.


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Use the OVER clause to modify a SUM scope in your query. No GROUP BY needed

    MyColumn, OtherColumn,
    SUM(MyColumn) OVER () AS SumTotal

Otherwise, SSMS isn't a calculating engine: it display query results so add it to your query...

  • @gbn Thanks! I just tried it and it worked. Beats having to switch over to excel and copying and pasting columns. The fact that I don't have to group by all the other columns is the best part.
    – Juan Velez
    Mar 13, 2012 at 20:15

You can use GROUP BY and SUM of particular column value.

SELECT EmployeeName, SUM(Salary)
  FROM YourTable
  GROUP BY EmployeeName

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