I get the following message when I want to create a Remote Distributor. First i delete my whole configuration of replication then after i take a first step to create new replication and i get below error for creating a Distributor....enter image description here

I already do this but still same error........

sp_dropserver 'NODE-XYZ';
sp_addserver 'NODE-XYZ', local;

when run this command to get actual name then i get 'NULL' value

  • I already do this but still same error........sp_dropserver 'NODE-XYZ'; GO sp_addserver 'NODE-XYZ', local; GO Sep 12 '16 at 6:49

You need to restart your instance after doing sp_addserver in order to get a proper @@SERVERNAME response. This is from BOL:

The local definition takes effect only after the Database Engine is restarted. Only one local server can be defined in each instance of the Database Engine.

  • What are the implications to any: live applications, SSIS packages, SSRS reporting, etc that may already be connected to the server? Is this going to interfere in any way? Will they all need to be updated? Nov 19 '18 at 15:42

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