After I tried to index a column in a huge table (40G) and ~5million rows, I can no longer connect to the datatbase.

Indexing failed with this error

Later, I found out I ran out of disk space while mysql was stopped. And, now I can not get mysql run again. I tried almost everything on SO except where purging mysql/reinstalling was mentioned. Is there anything I can do to get my data back or run mysql again? Or, I could extract my tables from ibdata1?


There could be about 3 things going on here...

  1. You ran out of disk space. Can you scrounge some space, even a little?

  2. You cannot connect because of a socket problem. Remove the socket and try again.

  3. The attempt to add an index could have been performed in a couple of different ways. Was the table MyISAM? Or InnoDB? If InnoDB, was innodb_file_per_table ON?

In any case, look for #sql... files they were the tmp tables being built before "renaming" them into place. They are useless no; remove them.

If file_per_table was off, then probably ibdata1 got a lot larger in this failed operation. This will call more a messier repair.

Since you have an old version of MySQL, I won't point out ALTER TABLE .. ALGORITHM=INPLACE, ADD INDEX ..;

  • - I resized my instance. Now I have unused 20G+. - I'll try removing sockets and reconnect. - The table was InnoDB. Unfortunately, innodb_file_per_table was off. Thanks, I will try your suggestions in evening. – Rajender Joshi Sep 14 '16 at 2:49
  • @RajenderJoshi if Rick's solution worked can you mark as chosen? – I Support The Boycott Jul 13 '18 at 15:13

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