I started my course and have been working on the ER diagram.

Instructions provided are

Minimum requirements and business rules for the College database
a) The college is organized into Departments.
- Each department has a number, name, location, phone number, budget, and an employee who manages the department.
- Keep track of the start date of the each department manager.
b) Employees work for a department and each employee works for a designated project.
- Each employee has a number, last name, first name, address, city, phone number, rank and salary.
c) Faculty members work for a department. - Each faculty has a number, last name, first name, address, gender, birth date, area of expertise, and salary. - Each faculty works for one department but may work on several research projects.
d) Each department controls several research Projects. - Each project has a name, number, duration (in months), budget, and a primary investigator.
e) Each faculty teaches several Courses. - For each course, keep the course name, number, credit hours, type (lecture, lab, distance learning, etc.), and cost per credit hour. - A course can be offered by different faculty members.

This is what I have done using ERWin 3.5 This is what I have done for now

I am stuck and know that this diagram is wrong. Can someone help me with this please. Thanks in advance

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