I am trying to make a similar query faster:

SELECT levenshtein(substring(keywords, 1,5),'texas') as distance   
FROM stuff ORDER BY distance ASC

Unfortunately and as expected, the query takes an eternity. How can I accomplish the same thing, but make it fast? The table is 5 million rows.

  • Whose version of levenshtein() are you using?
    – Rick James
    Sep 16, 2016 at 18:21

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Functions are slow and it is a complex function. Try optimizing the function.

Or select down to like .NET and do it there.

If you get a lot of exact matches you can make that separate.

SELECT o as distance   
where substring(keywords, 1,5) = 'texas')


SELECT levenshtein(substring(keywords, 1,5),'texas') 
from FROM stuff
where substring(keywords, 1,5) <> 'texas')
FROM stuff ORDER BY distance ASC 

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