For example, in a log file, I have to collect events in a particular time and I have to store them in the database. How can I do that? The log file looks this:


Log file 1:

12/12/12 1:20:00.000 Start

12/12/12 1:20:00.000 Initialize

12/12/12 1:21:00.989 Stop

Log file 2:

12/12/12 1:20:00.000 Transmit

12/12/12 1:20:00.000 Hello

12/12/12 1:20:00.099 Receive

12/12/12 1:21:00.989 Bye

If I want the events during 12/12/12 1:20:00.000, I have more than one entry.How can I insert them into the database???

  • What does the log file look like? – systemovich Sep 21 '16 at 8:10

You need to create a separate key, unrelated to the timestamp, when inserting the rows into a table. MySQL has a handy auto increment feature for this purpose.

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