I have a table with three integer columns:

select max(col1), max(col2), max(col3) from mytable

I want the max of both three columns. But this does not work:

select max(max(col1), max(col2), max(col3)) from mytable

How to get this done?

I use PostgreSQL, but I hope that this can be solved with standard SQL.


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That should be GREATEST(), not MAX(). MAX() is for aggregating over values from rows, GREATEST() is for aggregating over a list of values (from columns, expressions).

You can either find the 3 max values, one for each column and then the greatest of the three:

select greatest(max(col1), max(col2), max(col3)) 
from mytable ;

or find the greatest value in each row and then the max over all of them:

select max(greatest(col1, col2, col3)) 
from mytable ;

In our MS SQL Server 2008 database we have several levels of prices for products and I use something like this to get MAX and MIN prices for each product:

select price_1, price_2, price_3, price_4,  price_6, max_price
    from prices
        CROSS APPLY (SELECT MAX(d) max_price FROM (VALUES (price_1),(price_2),(price_3),(price_4),(price_6)) AS a(d)) A

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