Currently our Reporting Server Databases are in C: So would like to place them in E:\RS\

Can I know how can I move the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB Database files from one location to another and things I should keep in mind before this operation.

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There will be minimal downtime, so plan this in a maintenance window:

Don't use detach/attach!

  1. Have verified backups!
  2. Use Alter database...modify file... (do below for mdf and ldf files)

    use master;
    alter database dbname 
    modify file (
        name = 'logicalName', 
        filename = 'E:\RS\db_name.mdf'); --> This is the new file location 
  3. Now offline the database:

    alter database db_name set offline with rollback immediate;
  4. Physically copy the mdf and ldf files to the new location.

  5. Bring the database online:

    alter database db_name set online;

If you script out and test out on a dummy database, you will see how much time it takes and will build your confidence.

  1. Stop the Reporting Services service
  2. In SSMS, Right-click ReportServer --> tasks --> detach...
  3. In SSMS,Right-click ReportServerTempDB --> tasks --> detach...
  4. In SSMS,Copy (not move) both associated mdf/ldf files to E:\RS
  5. Right-click databases folder, Attach...
  6. Restart the Reporting Services service

You should be good to go. If anything unforeseen happens, simply re-attach the databases on C:.

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