What will be the effect on dataguard configuration when moving one table to another tablespace using the impdp remap_tablespace parameter?

In our production environment we have setup dataguard and I am curious that if move a table in primary what will be effect on dataguard or what steps should I do before the moving table.


If you have configured Data Guard properly, this will not cause any problem. And by 'properly', I mean FORCE LOGGING is enabled. Data Pump can use direct path load (in which case there is minimal redo generated), but there are several conditions that will prevent it:

Situations in Which Direct Path Load Is Not Used

Anyway, to check FORCE LOGGING:

select force_logging from v$database;

If the result is NO, you can enable it with:

alter database force logging;

Note that, this should be done on the primary and all standby databases as well (just in case a role transition happens and a standby becomes primary).

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  • Thanks Balaz, yes force logging is enable on primary as well as on Standby. Following command will use impdp user/pwd directory=EXPORT_DIR dumpfile=TABLE_EXPORT.dmp tables=GEOPOLI table_exists_action=replace remap_tablespace=Tablespace1:Tablespace2 logfile=GEOPOLITable_Import_dp.log – ASyed Oct 3 '16 at 16:18

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