PgAdmin 4 1.0 has been just released, but on the download page for Linux there is only a link to a yum installer.

Anybody knows if there are plans to create a deb installer? Or if there is already one?

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There are instructions on the pgAdmin site how to install with pip:

But there is no official Debian Package (.deb), yet. A request for packaging is pending:

For now, consider the Postgres Apt repository:


  • It's a pity, but thanks for the confirmation – Dan Mazzini Oct 2 '16 at 16:44
  • Tried installing a host of dependencies but pip install did not work for me (ubuntu 16). I will continue with 3 unless I find clear instructions on an upgrade. Unfortunately 3 column headers disappear frequently and it crashes allot. – edencorbin Feb 1 '17 at 4:27
  • 1
    Could install the apache2 version pgadmin4-apache2 with deb http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/ stretch-pgdg main repository – Philippe Gachoud Jul 6 '18 at 16:31

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