I'm using TDE for SQL Server. Querying certificate:

select database_name = d.name,
cert_name = c.name
from sys.dm_database_encryption_keys dek
left join sys.certificates c
on dek.encryptor_thumbprint = c.thumbprint
inner join sys.databases d
on dek.database_id = d.database_id;


database     encryptor        cert_name
tempdb      ASYMMETRIC KEY    NULL
TDE_Test    CERTIFICATE       TestZert3

Querying encryption status:

select db_name(database_id), encryption_state,   
percent_complete, key_algorithm, key_length
from sys.dm_database_encryption_keys


database  encrypt_state percent_complete key_algorithm
tempdb      3             0              AES 256 
TDE_Test    3             0               AES 256

Why is the complet_percent 0?

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Why is the complect_percent 0?

Your database is already encrypted - encrypt_state = 3 -- Encrypted.

When the encryption is in progress, you will see the percent_complete value. When the database is encrypted, the percent_complete will be 0.

you can refer to my script for listing out the databases, encryption status along with other useful information.

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