SELECT DATE_TRUNC('day', trade_date + INTERVAL '1 DAY') from trade_table;

I have dates that are all on Monday through Friday, but when I date_trunc a date that is on Saturday (e.g. taking weekday plus 1), it is rounded to Saturday. I want it to be rounded to the following Monday rather than Saturday. How can I do that?


If I understand right you want to add one day and if the result is Saturday or Sunday add 2 or 1 more days, so the result is the next working day. Then extracting first the day of the week (dow) and using a CASE expression, will do:

select date_trunc('day', 
                  trade_date + ( case extract(dow from trade_date)
                                   when 5 THEN 3     -- when Friday, add 3
                                   when 6 THEN 2     -- when Saturday, add 2
                                   else 1            -- any other day, add 1
                               ) * interval '1 day' )  
from trade_table ;
  • Thanks a lot, I've done a lot of Python and R, but I'm new to databases. – Wart Oct 7 '16 at 19:38

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