I have a situation here. Currently I have

  • two polling tables (poll_one and poll_two) which will poll data from outside data-source. This two tables will keep interchange between each other.
  • one checking table (check_poll) which tells me which tables (poll_one or poll_two) is active
  • one user edit table (edit) which stores exact same columns and names as the two poll tables.

Basically I wan to create a dbview that joins the edit table and the active poll table. However, I am not sure how to do a conditional dbview to first check which polling table is active before performing my query.

I cannot use stored procedures as this dbview will be used for my hibernate mapping.

Below is a sample definition of my dbview:

WHEN u.name IS NULL THEN p.name ELSE u.name
END AS name,

WHEN u.size IS NULL THEN p.size ELSE u.size
END AS size,

//same for the rest of columns

FROM user_edit_table u 
LEFT JOIN poll_one p //I wan to make this conditional
ON p.id = u.id

Is it possible? Is there any other ways?

Thanks for all the replies, An example is shown in the Image Below: enter image description here

So based on the check table, I will choose which table I wan to left join. There is no foreign relation between the tables. All are stand alone.

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    can you add more details about table / foreign key relation? – Spike Oct 13 '16 at 7:06
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    Edit your question and add some sample data and the expected output based on that data. Formatted text please, no screen shots – a_horse_with_no_name Oct 13 '16 at 7:17

It's not exactly clear how the one or the two table is to be chosen but something like this should work (I assume that the check_poll table has a single row always):

    COALESCE(p.name, u.name) AS name,
    COALESCE(p.size, u.size) AS size
FROM check_poll AS c
  CROSS JOIN user_edit_table AS u 
  LEFT JOIN poll_one AS p //I wan to make this conditional
    ON p.id = u.id
WHERE c.poll = 1        -- whatever shows which poll table to choose


    -- same list
FROM check_poll AS c
  CROSS JOIN user_edit_table u 
  LEFT JOIN poll_two p 
    ON p.id = u.id
WHERE c.poll = 2 ;

or even combine the two subqueries in one:

    COALESCE(p1.name, p2.name, u.name) AS name,
    COALESCE(p1.size, p2.size, u.size) AS size
FROM check_poll AS c
  CROSS JOIN user_edit_table AS u 
  LEFT JOIN poll_one AS p1 
    ON  p1.id = u.id
    AND c.poll = 1 
  LEFT JOIN poll_two AS p2 
    ON  p2.id = u.id
    AND c.poll = 2 ;

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