Could you please give the command to add a column to all the tables if the table doesn't contain that column in a schema?

e.g. The schema schema1 contains 50 tables in which 20 tables contain a column named colTest.

I need to add the column colTest to the remaining 30 tables.


You can do this with a loop and dynamic SQL:

  tname record;
  for tname in select t.table_schema, t.table_name
               from information_schema.tables t
               where table_schema = 'schema1' --<< change schema name here
                 and not exists (select * 
                                 from information_schema.columns c
                                 where (c.table_schema, c.table_name) = (t.table_schema, t.table_name)
                                   and c.column_name = 'coltest') 
    -- change column definition in the following string
    execute format('alter table %I.%I add column coltest integer', tname.table_schema, tname.table_name);
  end loop;

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