I'm working on a script to iterate through all the snapshot folders and do some basic find and replace of the ANSI_PADDING OFF bug and replace it with SET ANSI_PADDING ON. I'd like to be able to dynamically point to any publisher and get a list of currently configured snapshot folders by publication. I can then filter and dedupe if needed.

I know I can query the distribution database for the default folder but how do I return the currently configured one, if say, someone changed the snapshot folder via the Replication Monitor GUI?

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The snapshot folder is configured per Distributor. The stored procedure sp_helpdistributor returns a column directory which is the snapshot folder for a specified distributor.

  • Thanks, and sp_helpdistributor runs at the PUBLISHER, not the DISTRIBUTOR too
    – Jerry Hung
    Commented Jun 5, 2020 at 5:58

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