I'm pretty new to database design.

I have an user table, an user_profile table and an user_address table.

In terms of good pratices. What is the best approach?

Option 1

User has_one User_profile
User has_one User_address

User_profile belongs to User
User_address belongs to User

Option 2

User has_one User_profile
User_profile has_one User_address

User_profile belongs to User
User_address belongs to User_profile

My user table stores the data to authentication, the user_profile table the personal infos (first_name, last_name, birth_date, phone...).

I think this is a trivial question, but i'm in doubt what is the best approach.


i could tell depends of your business logic :) But i think Option 2 is the right way as you probably never use the Address object without the Profile one. And perhaps you could have a profile with more than 1 address. And if your business is to have only 1 address and this address is required, why not storing address in the profile Object, in json by example.

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    This is a database, there are tables in there, not objects. Furthermore, why would you store data with predictable structure in a JSON? – dezso Nov 3 '16 at 15:18
  • i just usually represent tables as object, like in models. Never mind. And for JSON, i often have projects with non predictable structure for address, due to difference between countries ans postal rules (nb char, nb lines, zip, etc.) It was just a suggestion. But what about user1301037 question ? – Zoé R. Nov 3 '16 at 16:04

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