My local machine: Windows 7, 32-bit. I have installed on it the psqlODBC for 32-bit. MS Access is 32-bit as well. I have tried both Unicode and Ansi connections to...

The server: a 64-bit Ubuntu, and the PostgreSQL database I want to link Access to is SET SERVER_ENCODING TO LATIN1; because I am Spanish and the data this DB will be storing requires the server to be able to handle our characters and, correct me if I'm wrong, UTF-8 does not do that.

The database works, access works, and everything is just fine as long as I don't ask Access to retrieve and link a table stored in PostgreSQL which fields have accented characters (such as 'ó'). This is: I can link tables that have no fields with accented characters, and I cannot link tables that contain fields with accented characters. HOWEVER, there is no problem when the records contain accented characters: I can both enter them from Access and read them from Postgre back into Access.

Anyone knows the reason behind this weird behaviour? I can live without accented field names but it's really bugging me...

  • Well, actually it is even weirder than I described: I cannot link the table with a field named 'Cód. Requerimiento' but I can link tables with a field named 'Código'. This is getting waaay out of hand... – Feillen Nov 8 '16 at 10:27
  • UTF-8 simply encodes everything (well, a lie) - it encodes Unicode, which in turn contains more that 128,000 characters, of which all characters used in Spanish (or any other European language) is just a tiny subset. Also, check quoting object names with special characters: postgresql.org/docs/9.6/static/… – dezso Nov 8 '16 at 13:53
  • But... While UTF-8 may encode everything, the distribution of its range of bits among the possible characters is not unified with other encodings (which is only natural), thus creating the weird printings. Every table and object name was quoted during creation, just in case, so that is not it. But thanks for the link and the response! I learn quite a bit from it :) – Feillen Nov 8 '16 at 14:16

Alright, so the actual problem was not related to the accented or special characters. The issue was with this certain field, namely "Cód. Requerimiento". That dot (.) was the problem: removed it and everything is awesome now :)

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