While reading the Database Concepts (Oracle 12c) I found the following:

Block header: This part contains general information about the block, including disk address and segment type. For blocks that are transaction-managed, the block header contains active and historical transaction information.

I want to know what's is a transaction-managed block?


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It's a block that can be modified transactionally.

The best explanation is probably from page 106 in Tom Kyte's Expert Oracle Database Architecture

... transaction information when relevant (only blocks that are transaction-managed have this information-- a temporary sort block would not, for example) regarding active and past transactions on the block ...

Most blocks, of course, are subject to transactional modification so they would have transaction information.

  • Thanks Justin for your time. As I could not imagine any blocks which are not subject transactional modification I was a little confused why it warranted an explicit mention. I think every database block will have sooner or latter transaction information. Commented Nov 15, 2016 at 7:50

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