I'm in the middle of my little project here and i had some problem here, this is the detail of it.

I have 4 server, 3 server using for getting data from my sensor module and 1 is using for storing data. I try to using chained replication but it seems didn't work for me. I'm using multi master in 3 server and 1 slave in other server.

S1 <--> M2 <--> M3 <--> M4

Each server have different database, in M2 I have database name "PT100", M3 = "PT100_2" and M4 = "PT100_3", so I created 3 database on each server.

The problem is M2 cannot receive replication with database "PT100_3" from M4, even though M3 is receiving "PT100_3" from M4. S1 even worst, it only can receive "PT100" from M2, even though there is "PT100_2" replication running on M2, nothing either on "PT100_3".

What I want is, storing all the database from M2, M3 and M4 in S1, that's all. How can I achieve this? Is it really possible to doing this and I just do some mistakes in configuration?


3 Masters must be in a circle. A Slave can hang off any of them.

However, Multi-master is a nightmare when any Master dies for any reason. I strongly recommend against building such a system.

Replication systems usually expect all data to be on all servers. There are many exceptions, but I await your justification for not doing that.

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