I am passing a parameter to a dynamic sql string and have the parameter properly encompassed in ' marks to work in my dynamic sql. However, now I am needing to use the value in a diff location in my code, and want to remove all the ' marks. I tried the Replace() function, but I must be using incorrect syntax as it still leaves the string with single quotes on each side. Take the sample DDL Below

DECLARE @Param1 nvarchar(500) = N'''Blue Bell Ice Cream''';
PRINT REPLACE(@Param1, '''''', '')

Prints this

'Blue Bell Ice Cream'

My desired result to be returned is

Blue Bell Ice Cream

How should I write the REPLACE() function in order to remove all single quotes?

  • have you tried with: REPLACE(@Param1, '''', '') or REPLACE(@Param1, '\'', '')
    – McNets
    Nov 26, 2016 at 1:43
  • @mcNets - why does your example of '''' work, but mine with '''''' does not and the string has 6 single quotes surrounding it? And the second example produces an error of Incorrect syntax near '\', ') Nov 26, 2016 at 1:45

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You are using 6 quotes, this is not correct, you are trying to replace every single quote ', then use only a double quote '' to indicate the string pattern.

If you use '''' four quotes you are really searching for a double ''

REPLACE(@Param1, '''', '')

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