If I have a point

SELECT point(long,lat);

How do I go from that to a PostGIS point?


There is no implicit conversion or casting from a PostgreSQL native point type to a PostGIS geometry, and a PostGIS POINT has a Spatial Reference System attached to it. ST_MakePoint will create the point geometry, but it'll be apart from any system that maps it to Earth,

SELECT ST_MakePoint(p[0],p[1])
FROM ( VALUES (point(-71.1043443253471,42.3150676015829)) ) AS t(p);

We're accessing the point type with the array syntax,

It is possible to access the two component numbers of a point as though the point were an array with indexes 0 and 1. For example, if t.p is a point column then SELECT p[0] FROM t retrieves the X coordinate and UPDATE t SET p[1] = ... changes the Y coordinate. In the same way, a value of type box or lseg can be treated as an array of two point values.

  • you can wrap an ST_SetSRID around the ST_MakePoint and you'll have a proper coordinate system assigned to your geometry...
    – DPSSpatial
    Jun 12 '17 at 21:26

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