I'm confused as to what exactly the SDO_GEOM.SDO_INTERSECTION returns in Oracle. Documentation is here, but only gives examples of two intersecting polygons.

What if I have many lines, some of them are contained fully within the polygon and some intersect the polygon. Assume that I need the geometry of any line fully contained within the polygon (i.e. same as SDO_CONTAINS) AND the geometry of those parts of intersecting lines, which are inside the polygon.

Example image below. Assume I only need the geometries of the red lines, but not the green ones. Will SDO_INTERSECTION return all of the red ones or only those red ones, which also go outside of the polygon and have some green bits?

example image

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Someone answered this question for me and it is as I suspected. SDO_INTERSECTION will return any lines fully contained within a polygon, as well as those parts of intersecting lines, which are within the polygon. In other words, it will return the geometry of everything in red in the example image.

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