I have sql file with structure:create table,insert into table, contrains, etc.... This script was generated in oracle, and my job is tranform this script into compatible script for postgreSQL.

Does anyone know if can I use ora2pg without installing oracle? For example only with files .sql or oracle dmp? Or I must allways first import sql file into Oracle db and then connect to oracle db in ora2pg config file

Thank you



You can use -i:

-i | --input file : File containing Oracle PL/SQL code to convert with
                    no Oracle database connection initiated.

Or set INPUT_FILE in ora2pg.conf:


This directive did not control the Oracle database connection or unless it purely disable the use of any Oracle database by accepting a file as argument. Set this directive to a file containing PL/SQL Oracle Code like function, procedure or full package body to prevent Ora2Pg from connecting to an Oracle database and just apply his convertion tool to the content of the file. This can be used with the most of export types: TABLE, TRIGGER, PROCEDURE, VIEW, FUNCTION or PACKAGE, etc.

I did not test this though.

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