I recently was going through Application Continuity in Oracle 12c. As I read through the Oracle link which I understand when used in RAC, will be able to replay the transaction (DDL/DML) in the event the node goes down.

In the link, it also mentions creating a service for non-RAC (standalone) instances as well. How does Application continuity work in case of single instance.

params dbms_service.svc_parameter_array;
dbms_service.modify_service('[your service]',params);

Say, if a recoverable error occurs on the single instance, where does it replay the transaction? Can someone help me understand this?

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Application Continuity is not limited to RAC. It works with Data Guard as well. For example an in-flight transaction can be replayed after a switchover on the new primary (former standby). With a single instance primary and standby, this requires the Active Data Guard option to be licensed.

Application Continuity

Application Continuity is supported for Oracle Data Guard switchovers to physical standby databases. It is also supported for fast-start failover to physical standbys in maximum availability data protection mode. Note that primary and standby databases must be licensed for Oracle RAC or Oracle Active Data Guard in order to use Application Continuity.

  • @Balaza Papp thanks again, can you also clarify some of my queries in my previous question as well?
    – tesla747
    Dec 10, 2016 at 9:38

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