I need the best way for the scenario because of which I got irritated. I do have 3 Production database Servers Srv1, Srv2 and Srv3. I configure transactional replication among these servers. Srv1 is Publisher and Srv2 and Srv3 are subscribers.

On production server everything running fine without any problem.

I have QA environment same as production replication configured. On request of QA team, I need to refresh QA with production databases weekly (almost), which cause to fail replication in QA environment.

Because I have 1000 tables dropping and re-creating publications takes too much time on Srv1.

If I refresh database without dropping publication and recreate publication using backup script I get The process could not execute ‘sp_repldone/sp_replcounters’



What @Kin said is correct but may be time-consuming (if you have really big tables involved in replication) when you need to run Snapshot.

Here are the steps that you can omit the snapshot

  • Script out QA replication and change @sync_type parameter value (highlighed below)

    exec sp_addsubscription @sync_type = 'Replication Support Only', ... (other paramaters should remain the same)

  • Remove replication (you can write a script to do this, note, first remove subscriptions then publisher, but do NOT remove distributor)

  • Restore PROD db on QA publisher

  • Restore PROD db on QA subscribers.

  • Run the replication setup script on QA publisher

  • Test your replication by inserting/updating a few test records and see whether the replication works as expected.

This link talks about another ways that can avoid snapshot and may be of help (but I never tried myself)


1st step of scripting out QA replication is one time work and you can actually automate all these steps (after step 1 modification is done) via t-sql scripts, and using sqlcmd.exe or powershell to drive the t-sql scripts. I used this way frequently before.


Unfortunately that what you have to deal with when you refresh your QA with PROD backups that is involved in T-Rep.

What I have done is

  • Script out QA replication
  • Remove replication
  • Restore with overwrite QA from PROD
  • Run the QA replication scripts
  • start snapshot - as now your subscribers are outdated in QA.
  • Let the log reader agent replicate the transactions.

You may want to look into

  • Initialize replication using backup and
  • Restore database .. with KEEP_REPLICATION option.
  • I used this method, but it creates all publications available at production database server. When I try to remove subscribers, it says the Subscriber is not configured for the publisher (QA Publisher) and doesn't delete that. – Rajesh Ranjan Dec 21 '16 at 10:16

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