I am installing mysql-workbench to migrate Postgres database to Mysql.

OS System Version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)

I am installing mysql-workbench and follow these instructions.


I have the following repo.

repo id                                                                                  repo name                                                                                               status
cloudera-manager                                                                         Cloudera Manager, Version 5.7.5                                                                              7
mysql-connectors-community/x86_64                                                        MySQL Connectors Community                                                                                  30
mysql-tools-community/x86_64                                                             MySQL Tools Community                                                                                       40
mysql57-community/x86_64                                                                 MySQL 5.7 Community Server                                                                                 164
rhui-REGION-client-config-server-7/x86_64                                                Red Hat Update Infrastructure 2.0 Client Configuration Server 7                                              6
rhui-REGION-rhel-server-releases/7Server/x86_64                                          Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 (RPMs)                                                                13,573
rhui-REGION-rhel-server-rh-common/7Server/x86_64                                         Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 RH Common (RPMs)                                                         209
repolist: 14,029

When I tried the command

sudo yum -y install mysql-workbench-community

I got the these erros.

Error: Package: mysql-workbench-community-6.3.8-1.el7.x86_64 (mysql-tools-community)
           Requires: proj
Error: Package: mysql-workbench-community-6.3.8-1.el7.x86_64 (mysql-tools-community)
           Requires: tinyxml
Error: Package: mysql-workbench-community-6.3.8-1.el7.x86_64 (mysql-tools-community)
           Requires: python-paramiko >= 1.15.1

My question is how to find the repo of these dependencies package - proj, tinyxml, python-paramiko?

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  • @hot2use I disagree - databases and their attendant tools are on topic here. To the OP, I would say that Workbench is notorious for its dependencies - just try to install from source! :-) Try yum grouplist and there should be something like "Development Workstation and Creative.." (from memory) - do a sudo yum groupinstall "Deve...." and then try again. If this still leaves dependencies, search for stuff like python-paramiko &c. and either use an rpm or install from source. For fedora, it's nearly always something like sudo yum install library_name-devel.
    – Vérace
    May 31, 2018 at 17:32

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You need install additional packages:

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install proj
sudo yum install tinyxml
sudo yum install libzip

if You have trouble with repo

wget https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm
sudo yum install epel-release-7.noarch.rpm


sudo yum -y install mysql-workbench-community

enter image description here

enter image description here


Requires: python-paramiko >= 1.15.1

Download python-paramiko-1.15.1-1.sdl7.noarch.rpm then install:

rpm -ivh python-paramiko-1.15.1-1.sdl7.noarch.rpm

If when installing python-paramiko you get:

error: Failed dependencies:
python-ecdsa is needed by python-paramiko-1.15.1-1.sdl7.noarch

yum install -y python-ecdsa

Then you can install mysql-workbench:

yum -y install mysql-workbench-community

You need to install dependencies below

sudo dnf install -y https://download-ib01.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/37/Everything/x86_64/os/Packages/p/proj-data-9.0.1-1.fc37.noarch.rpm
sudo dnf install -y https://download-ib01.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/37/Everything/x86_64/os/Packages/p/proj-9.0.1-1.fc37.x86_64.rpm
sudo dnf install mysql-workbench-community-8.0.32-1.fc37.x86_64.rpm


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