Is there a way to copy table of one database to table of another database within the same cluster?

I have a cluster with multiple database. I have a master Database and multiple slave databases .

I will change one table in master and i want to copy to remaining database.

Is there a way to do it via postgresql console?

I use the following from the bash.

pg_dump -h localhost -U myuser -C -t my_table -d first_db>/tmp/table_dump 

psql -U myuser -d second_db</tmp/table_dump

I have to create a temporary dump file.

I use psycopg adapter to manage databases. Here I am looking forward for some solution.


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Inspired by https://stackoverflow.com/a/19697098/450812, you can create a pipe.

pg_dump -h localhost -U myuser -C -t my_table -d first_db | psql -U myuser -d second_db

If you need to enter passwords, you can:

PGPASSWORD=password1 pg_dump -h localhost -U myuser -C -t my_table -d first_db | PGPASSWORD=password2 psql -U myuser -d second_db

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