I have one master and four slaves. Whenever I created an event on master it gets replicated on all slaves.However, i am running a script on one of the slaves that takes a snapshot of the machine and saves it somewhere else. During taking a snapshot i kept the Slave_IO_Running: NO in the script and when the snapshot gets completed the script makes Slave_IO_Running: YES and the replication start again.I just want to know that after taking a snapshot at that one slave when the Slave_IO_Running turned to YES by the script, The event I created disappears from that slave but remains there on the other slave and when I delete the event on master it produces error on that slave at which snapshot is being taken.Please just let me know the reason and the effect of Slave_IO_Running: NO on slaves.


For non-LVM, I recommend doing

STOP SLAVE;  -- before taking the backup
START SLAVE;  -- after taking the backup

This both avoids the problem and avoids other issues.

What kind of backup is it?

  • LVM "snapshot" -- I recommend stopping mysqld completely.

  • mysqldump (or similar) -- be sure to add the parameter that says to dump stored routines. (I think that will capture the EVENT.)

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