I have a table with two fields: time and value, both of them are integers and I want to find the continuous period with values bigger than 0 and then label the "value>0" period with continuous integers.

For example, if I have the input table like this:


I'd like the output table like this:


Using three CTE and two row_number() functions, I was able to do this. But I find the query too cumbersome. Does anyone have a more elegant code to do this?

I'm using sql server 2016 developer edition.

Here is my code:

    [time] [int] NULL,
    [value] [int] NULL

insert into #test1

;with a1 as
(select *, [time] -  row_number() over (order by [time]) as group_num
    from #test1
where value>0),
a2 as 
(select distinct group_num from a1
a3 as
(select group_num, row_number() over (order by group_num) as group_id
from a2)
select a1.*, a3.group_id
    from a1 left join a3
on a1.group_num = a3.group_num
  • I don't get the meaning of group_num and group_id in your example. If these are your labels, I don't fully understand how they are continuous as you previously mentioned. Could you elaborate a little more? – joanolo Jan 2 '17 at 21:36

You just need to apply DENSE_RANK to the result of the first CTE - Demo

     AS (SELECT *,
                [time] - row_number() OVER (ORDER BY [time]) AS group_num
         FROM   #test1
         WHERE  value > 0)
       DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY group_num) AS group_id
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  • Thanks for your prompt answer! I knew this "Dense_rank" function but never used it... – Jason Jan 2 '17 at 21:58

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