I have the following code stored in a script file

create or replace package test_record

    type t_test_rec is record(
        name                  varchar2(64)
       ,value                 pls_integer

end test_record;

When I execute it from SQL*Plus, the *_IDENTIFIERS data dictionaries are not updated to include the declaration of the type. However, if I copy/paste the same code in SQL Developer and run it as a script (F5), the mentioned data dictionaries are updated.

Even if I force a recompile of the package from SQL*Plus, the *_IDENTIFIERS tables are not updated, no matter what method I use (alter package ..., dbms_utility.compile_schema, dbms_ddl.alter, ...).

How can I force SQL*Plus to behave like SQL Developer in this respect?

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SQL Developer automatically sets the below:

alter session set plscope_settings='IDENTIFIERS:ALL';

You can use the same in SQL*Plus.

(The default is IDENTIFIERS:NONE.)


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