When I run the SQL Server 2008 Setup Discovery Report, all of the components (Database Engine Services, Management Tools - Complete, etc) show as version 10.3.5852.0.

However, I cannot find any information online as to what this version relates to ?

Any advice or help gratefully received.

  • Please add the output of discovery report in your question to make things clear.
    – Shanky
    Jan 10, 2017 at 15:56

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It looks like there was a bug in a previous patch that messed up the version number. Replace the 3 with 00 and you will find the correct info. It should be Cumulative update package 16 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3


You are having SQL Server 2008 and you are worried why version is showing 10.3.5852 instead of 10.0.5852 and this is because of bug for which connect Item was raised and confirmed by MS employee that this is bug.

From incomplete knowledge I have this is happening because SQL Server is reading some random registry values while scanning the registry for installed SQL server versions which it should not.

I believe this should be fixed in Future service pack releases. Since you are on SP2 + some CU I suggest you apply SQL Server 2008 Sp4

To get information about SQL Server version simply run select @@version

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