Pinal suggests removing and adding the correct name based on the below difference discrepancy to fix this CDC error. That may be correct for a solution, but would this affect anything else? I tested an ADO connection to both connection instances and they both work, but I'm curious if there will be anything else negatively impacted by his solution.

The code that shows a difference between the two:

SELECT * FROM master.dbo.sysservers

One being fully qualified, the other not. Again, the ADO connection can hit both, but CDC is negatively impact by this.

His solution is like:

sp_dropserver 'domain\instance'
sp_addserver 'full.domain.dom\instance', 'local'

Would that cause connection issues, outside ADO - since I've confirmed ADO still connects to both instance names and types.

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master.dbo.sysservers is a deprecated. You should use sys.servers.

If you change your server name after installing sql server then you have to make the entry in master.sys.servers which can be done by sp_dropserver and sp_addserver

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