Version 678 from github is displaying results in SSMS query window as expected but not creating a table, using the following commands:

USE DBAResources;
EXEC dba.sp_BlitzCache @Top=10, @OutputDatabaseName = 'DBAResources', @OutputTableName = 'dba.BlitzCacheResults';

BlitzCache is compiled as stored procedure dba.sp_BlitzCache in database DBAResources. Note the use of the non-dbo schema for the stored procedure and the table.

Running on SQL Server 2016 SP 1 Standard.


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If you pop open sp_BlitzCache, you should see parameters for:

@OutputDatabaseName NVARCHAR(256) = NULL ,
@OutputSchemaName NVARCHAR(256) = NULL ,
@OutputTableName NVARCHAR(256) = NULL ,

You seem to have tacked the schema name onto the table name. That's probably what's causing the problem.


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