I exported results from a query in order to import it into a table on another DB. I chose the xlsx output format and verified that the data had gotten written to the excel file. While trying to import it into the table, I chose to create an insert script so that I could go over the final data before importing it. On doing this, I noticed that all the varchar fields have a N character right before the opening quote, making it look like:

INSERT INTO ... () VALUES(N'...', 0.0, N'....')

Any ideas on why this might be happening and how I can avoid it?


Text literals with N (or n) in front of the opening quote indicate that the strings may contain symbols from a national character set, that is, they have the data type NCHAR or NVARCHAR. Either the target columns have these data types, or SQL Developers assumes that from the database NLS settings.

You can find more details in the manual.

  • Thank you! I was thrown off by the extra N, and didn't realize that running the script with it wouldn't cause an issue. – dreadnought303 Feb 1 '17 at 13:53

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