I try to create a simple T-SQL Statement Task by Sql Server 2014 GUI.

My flow:

  • Right click on Maintenance Plan
  • Choose Create new Maintenance Plan
  • Choose the type (T-SQL Statement Task)
  • I add by toolbox an activity for SQL Statement (a simple SELECT * INTO mytable FROM anothertable)

Now I want to choose the databases where I want to execute my task.

By property I've changed the DatabaseSelectionType to SPECIFIC but I haven't any form to choose database.

If I try with another task type (Index maintenance) I can choose the databases.

Surely, I'm wrong in some steps but I don't understand where.

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Do not rely on GUI .. use TSQL instead :-)

Many options you have to do your simple task :

  • use 3 part naming SELECT * INTO dbname.schema.mytable FROM dbname.schema.anothertable
  • explicitely use use dbname; SELECT * INTO mytable FROM anothertable;
  • Use sqlcmd - either sqlcmd.exe or in SSMS query window
  • Use powershell

BTW, dont use maintenance plans - instead use Ola's maint solution

  • Hi, I try to use Ola's maint solution. But other solutions, don't seem for my activity.
    – Joe Taras
    Feb 6, 2017 at 7:26
  • Can you be more specific .. what does not fit ?
    – Kin Shah
    Feb 6, 2017 at 12:03

My solution (but in the next days I will try Ola's maint solution).

I've created an empty database with a stored procedure.

This stored procedures call by other involved databases a local stored procedure with the logic.

In the maintenance plan I've added a step as Transact Sql where I call my general SP (on empty database defined before).

And then I've planned the execution for each day.

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