We have log shipping taking place between server A and server B.

  • The logs are backed up every 15 minutes on server A.

  • Over on server B, the logs are copied every 15 minutes successfully.

  • The logs are restored on server B once per day at 3:35am successfully.

My issue is the alert job on server B is running every 2 minutes. It runs perfect for 45 minutes after the restore at 3:35am and then on the 47th minute, it fails and fails every 2 minutes until the next restore the next time at 3:35am

The threshold was set for 45 minutes so that part was correct.

My current considerations

This is what I'm thinking:

  • The copy job is working and I would get alert if it failed.
  • The restore job is working and I would get alert if it failed.


Why would I need the alert job? There is no way it can succeed. Since I am only restoring once per day, after that first 45 minute threshold is reached, it is an automatic failure every 2 minutes from then on.

Does this job alert on both copy and restore? What am I missing here?

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Change the threshold to 23 hours 15 minutes...I assume the restore job is the one alerting, correct? I believe there is an alert on all three. possibly just backup and restore, but I don't have a LS setup in front of me.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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