What Happened:

I reinitialized a subscription 16 hours ago. I had about 1.2M records to transfer, so I was expecting it to take a while. The Replication Monitor was saying "N transactions with N commands were delivered" for hours, so I figured everything was OK.

The Issue:

This morning when I check the Replication Monitor, I see this: Snapshot Not Yet Available

Oh no!, I exclaim, thinking I need to reinitialize replication with a newer snapshot to avoid pulling 1.2M rows. But I look at the other Tab on the Replication Monitor, and I see this:

Transaction Delivered


I'm wondering why Transactions are being delivered, despite Replication Monitor complaining about the snapshot.

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It's hard to say exactly but it looks like something went wrong during the reinitialization process. Transactions are flowing from Publisher to Distributor but the Subscriber is requiring a new snapshot. I'd recommend generating a new snapshot and then it will be reapplied by the Distribution Agent. At that point you should be back in sync.

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