I have intellisense enabled in SSMS. When i start typing, I do see the intellisense dropdown with list of options but the option that matches what i am typing is not automatically selected. I have to use down arrowkey to select the item and then hit enter to auotcomplete. Is there any setting in SSMS to make intellisense behave the way we have it in Visual Studio?



Do you mean "Toggle Completion Mode", on the Edit->Intellisense menu?

SSMS Screengrab

  • How do I up-vote this 10 times ... I know comments are not for thank yous but boy this was driving me so mad and was wasting so much of my time, being used to an older SSMS versions ... – Иво Недев Mar 19 '18 at 9:34
  • Thank you Thomas for this. – Erdogan Jun 7 at 14:38

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