I just want to know how to install the module pg_tgrm as used in the trigram indexing scheme that allows you to do un-anchored search patterns on an index.

WHERE foo LIKE '%bar%';
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pg_trgm is an extension, so:


If you get the following error

ERROR: could not open extension control file ".../extension/pg_trgm.control":
No such file or directory"

then you need to install the module for your operating system

  • Ubuntu/Debian:

    sudo apt install postgresql-contrib
  • Redhat/Centos

    sudo dnf install postgresql10-contrib
  • Fedora

    sudo dnf install postgresql-contrib
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    I experienced on MaxOSX following: if you install postgresql using conda/pip, then there seems to be no way to install the postgresql-contrib module; however, if you install postgresql using Homebrew, then this module is automatically installed.
    – chAlexey
    Aug 18 '20 at 12:43

1) Log into postgres


2) After you are connected, switch to the DB you want to install the extension for:

\c <DB_NAME>

3) Then install the extension as answered previously:


Installing the extension initially gave me issues because I was not doing step 2. I thought the installation was a global thing but it seems its per DB


To complete the answer of @Jendrusk for :

  • CentOs system you can also use
yum install postgresql-contrib

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