I am trying to execute below query :

WHERE database_id > 4 and mirroring_role = 1

But I am getting Result as NULL means database name is null.


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The scope of DB_NAME() is limited to the local instance. It only applies to databases that exist on the server where you are running the query.

Instead of using DB_NAME(), you should join to sys.databases with four part naming, as in the following example:

FROM [linked_servername].master.sys.database_mirroring DM
    INNER JOIN [linked_servername].master.sys.databases DB ON DM.database_id = DB.database_id
WHERE DM.database_id > 4 and mirroring_role = 1;

I notice you have capitalized portions of the query including the master database, the sys schema, and the database_mirroring system table. These objects exist in lower case, so you should code them in lower case. For SQL Servers that have a case-sensitive collation, specifying the correct case is important for many reasons.


Another occasion when db_name() can return null is when you are dealing with the resources database which has database_id = 32767

for example:

select distinct case when database_id = 32767 
                     then 'resourceDb' 
                      else db_name(database_id) 
                 end, count(*)
from sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors b with(nolock)
group by database_id
order by 1 desc 

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